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at a change in directive ideas.   In its complete-
ness it is an untried method.
It depends for its success upon whether a
sufficient number of minds can be brought to
realise that the choice before us now is not a
choice between further revolution or more or less
reactionary conservatism, but a choice between
so carrying on and so organising the process of
change in our affairs as to produce a new world
 order, or suffering an entire and perhaps irrepar-
^.ble social collapse. Our argument throughout
has been that things have gone too far ever to be
put back again to any similitude of what they
have been. We can no more dream of remaining
where we are than think of going back in the
middle of a dive. We must go through with,
these present changes, adapt ourselves to them,!
adjust ourselves to the plunge, or be destroyed by)
them. We must go through with these changes
just as we must go through this ill-conceived war,
because there is as yet no possible end for it.
There will be no possible way of ending it until
the new Revolution defines itself. If it is patched
up now without a clear-headed settlement under-
stood and accepted throughout the world, we
shall have only the simulacrum of a peace. A
patched-up peace now will not even save us
from the horrors of war? it will postpone them